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Kn Moy, SVP, Strategic Foresight, Masterworks
Kn Moy has nearly three decades of experience as a marketing strategist and integrated marketing specialist. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Strategic Foresight at Masterworks, the nation's largest marketing agency working exclusively with faith-based organizations.

A decade ago, Kn was the Chief Creative Officer and Senior Strategist for the largest direct marketing agency in the U.S. specializing in donor engagement. He drove the agency's innovation practice around integrated, multi-channel strategies for their 3,400 clients, leveraging these new approaches to seize new marketplace opportunities.

Kn helped launch Masterworks Insight & Innovation team, and is currently leading Masterworks' initiatives for prototyping new approaches for engaging today's Baby Boomers, currently the generational cohort that is the most generous with both their money and their time.