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Randy Hlavac, Lecturer Professor Medill IMC, Northwestern University
Author - Social Strategies with Bottom-line ROI [2014]

Teacher of Social & Mobile Marketing
Northwestern University
Medill IMC

CEO - Marketing Synergy, Inc.

Entrepreneur - Futurist - Social Marketing & Big Data Evangelist

Randy Hlavac is the author of the new business book - "Social IMC - Social Strategies with Bottom-line ROI". The book outlines the social strategies companies are using to build 1-to-1 relationships with high value markets. It presents the metrics, methodologies, and best applications & highlights best-of-breed examples from across the world.

Randy also teaches graduate social and mobile marketing at Northwestern. His class is trained to use the most sophisticated social monitoring & management systems while building actual social & mobile marketing strategies for companies throughout the world. In addition, Randy is a member of IBM's Academic Initiative & has been selected by IBM to discuss social marketing strategies at IBM eCommerce & other global summits throughout the world.

In addition to teaching, in 1990, Randy founded Marketing Synergy, Inc [MSI]. Marketing Synergy is a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations build their integrated and social/mobile marketing programs.