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Chris Niarchos, Founder & Chairman, Appco Group Support
As the Founder and Chairman of Appco Group, Chris leads and inspires the largest face-to-face donor acquisition company in the world, specializing in recruiting donors via face-to-face conversations.
Chris is passionate about face-to-face fundraising as a proven and effective way for charities to find new donors and raise awareness of their vital causes.
Through his vision, energy and mentorship, Appco Group now has more than 4,300 fundraisers, in 24 countries around the world, representing Appco's charity partners and speaking to potential donors every day.
Chris is also enormously proud of the fact that, over the past 20 years, Appco Group has raised more than US$2 billion in donations for our charity partners and successfully acquires 162,000 new donations every month.

Chris's career journey began in 1987, as a 22-year-old, when he started his direct sales business in Sydney, Australia.
He now runs a billion-dollar enterprise, the Cobra Group of Companies, which is continuing to develop on a global scale. As well as highly successful face-to-face fundraising and direct sales businesses, the Cobra portfolio also includes interests in insurance, energy, financial services, high-tech security, business process outsourcing and motorsport.

Early on, Chris established relationships with non-profit organizations keen to benefit from his personal approach to customer engagement.

The fundraising expertise and relationships we have built with our non-profit clients since then have allowed us to expand the range of services we offer to fulfill all of our charity partners' fundraising requirements.

Chris - and the long-standing clients Appco partners with - believes that, without the professional fundraising model Appco offers, many charities would struggle to maintain the funding they need to provide for the good causes they represent.

For this reason, he continues to bring incredible leadership, passion and vision to what is the world's leading professional donor acquisition and fundraising agencies.