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Peter Houstle, CEO, Mariner Management
In 2002, Peter Houstle and his partner, Peggy Hoffman, founded Mariner Management & Marketing, an association management and consulting company. He serves as executive director for several clients and provides a variety of management consulting services to others.

Along with his partner, he developed the Dashboard Indicators for Chapter Success which is highlighted in ASAE's Components Relations Handbook. He and Peggy have also completed numerous projects in volunteer, leadership and organizational development with their consulting clients which have been featured in ASAE publications and conferences.

He served on the Data Analytics Team of the ASAE Technology Section Council where he, along with his teammates, developed a comprehensive overview of data management for associations. Peter and the team have presented their work at several ASAE events. In a related vein, he also co-authored Getting to the "Good Stuff": Evidence-Based Decision Making for Associations, which explores how associations blend data and intuition to optimize limited resources and maximize results.

He is a frequent, well-rated speaker at ASAE conferences on a variety topics including volunteer & leadership development, component relations, facilitation and performance management. He has also presented a number of webinars for clients and association industry firms on similar topics.

Helping associations navigate the intricacies of effective strategic thinking, evidence-based decision-making and program development comes naturally to Peter after 30+ years in senior-level association management and 10 years working behind the scenes - and on stage - in the entertainment industry. His background includes serving as executive vice president for the Retailers' Bakery Association (RBA) and the James Borck Deli-Bakery Foundation.

Peter earned his MBA from University of Maryland's Robert Smith School of Business and a BA in Music from Ithaca College. He has also served as a writer and speaker on a variety of non-profit management issues for ASAE and numerous associations. And when he's not helping nonprofits achieve goals, he's likely in the heat of a pick-up basketball game or relaxing at the piano.