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ASP2021: A Virtual Conference

ASP2021: A Virtual Conference
Preliminary Schedule

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    9:45 AM - 10:35 AM: Concurrent Session 9B: 9:45 am PST (12:45 pm EST)
    Smartphones in the Astronomy Classroom
    Conference Strand: Teaching Introductory Astronomy – What are We Doing Now?
    Kevin Lee, University of Nebraska
    Abstract of Session/Presentation: This workshop will describe and illustrate early efforts to utilize student smartphones in and out of the introductory college astronomy classroom. These devices are extremely prevalent in today's society and our students have a very strong devotion to them. Smartphones offer a unique opportunity to forge connections between students and science content.

    Participants will be exposed to an HTML5 ranking task editor and examples created in it. The necessary steps to create a task will be outlined and then participants will be asked to create their own ranking task online and save it locally.

    We will then describe the desirable characteristics of HTML5 simulations targeted at smartphones and examples illustrating these characteristics. Participants will experience a smartphone simulation as a student and another as an instructor, formulating a plan for guiding their students in its usage. We will conclude with a discussion of current thinking regarding "best practices" for smartphone usage in the classroom, covering what is known and brainstorming on what is unknown.

    We anticipate that participants will be zooming in on a desktop, but have a smartphone in hand that they will be putting to work accessing astronomy content through QR codes.