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ASP2021: A Virtual Conference

ASP2021: A Virtual Conference
Preliminary Schedule

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    3:00 PM - 3:50 PM: Concurrent Session 12D: 3:00 pm PST (6:00 pm EST) - Oral Presentations
    Light Pollution Study in North Georgia
    Conference Strand: Addressing Climate/Environmental Science & Preserving Dark Skies
    Arunava Roy, Young Harris College
    Abstract of Session/Presentation: Sky brightness and light pollution are understudied and under appreciated concerns that face not only Young Harris College and its surrounding areas, but many areas of the world -disproportionally so in developed nations. Using a hand-held light meter, students measured and documented night sky brightness on Young Harris College's campus and the surrounding areas with an end goal of beginning the process of reducing local light pollution.

    This is with the knowledge and understanding that many of the lights on campus are directed upwards, or uncovered, inevitably inhibiting sky visibility and clarity on Young Harris College's campus and surrounding areas. A comparison of the sky brightness has also been made with stadium lights both off and on, to study the effects on sky visibility during athletic events in particular.

    Overviews are provided of light pollution as an ongoing issue within the astronomy community, incorporating the procedures and methods used to calculate and summarize the collected data at each location. Finally, potential directions for future research regarding light pollution are discussed.

    The works presented here were conducted as part of honors projects by Young Harris college graduate Kurt Mueller and current student Indiana Ayers.