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ASP2021: A Virtual Conference

ASP2021: A Virtual Conference
Preliminary Schedule

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    10:50 AM - 11:40 AM: Concurrent Session 10D: 10:50 am PST (1:50 pm EST) - Oral Presentations
    Labor-Based or Spec-Based Grading in Astro 100
    Conference Strand: Teaching Introductory Astronomy – What are We Doing Now?
    Alice Enevoldsen, South Seattle College
    Abstract of Session/Presentation: Labor-based grading is a more transparent and objective form of grading that is being used in more and more humanities and writing classes. It has strengths suitable for anti-bias/anti-racist instruction, and supports students who are more often underserved. I spent summer of 2021 working with my colleagues in Chemistry and Engineering to develop a way to apply labor-based grading to STEM classes. I will show you the basic outline of how I've applied it to my Astro 100 class at South Seattle Community College in Fall 2021, and how it is going.