Session Description

Friday, April 9th, 2021
4:20 PM - 5:10 PM: Concurrent Sessions
Reengage the Digital Learner
Due to the misfortune of the current pandemic, obtaining student engagement has become an extremely difficult endeavor. So how do we cope when our once effective delivery methods are no longer keeping our students engaged? Considering how the pedagogy relates to the student experience during this pandemic, is extremely important in the process of developing opportunities to transform passive encounters to active and meaningful experiences.

Incorporating active learning strategies in your pedagogy is a useful method to encourage student engagement with their peers, content and instructor. Active learning methods also encourage opportunities for students to obtain a sense of community, develop creative thinking skills and are excellent in their ability to increase retention. This session will explore some interesting activities and tools which support different active learning strategies in the virtual environment. These activities will promote the reengagement in digital learning through activities such as hosting a game show, brainstorming using shared collaborative spaces, playing Pictionary, or having a scavenger hunt. The possibilities of active learning strategies are only limited by our own imaginations.
Learning Objectives
Explore tools of engagement.
Identify activities to enhance engagement.
Share an example of course content that can be transformed from passive to active.
Presentation Files
Tracy Medrano, Instructional Designer and Quality Assurance Course Reviewer, California State University San Bernardino
Tracy Medrano, M.A.Ed. is an Instructional Designer at CSU San Bernardino. She has served as an instructional design since 2007 with experience in both local government and higher education. Tracy is a certified Quality Matters (QM) and Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) course reviewer and serves as a CSU system-wide QLT facilitator. She has extensive design and delivery experience working with various higher education institutions, such as CSU San Bernardino, California Baptist University Online and Professional Studies, UC Riverside, and University of Redlands.

In her capacity as an Instructional Designer at CSU San Bernardino with the department of Academic Technologies & Innovation (ATI), she provides campus-wide quality assurance (QA) course design and course certification support, facilitates workshops focused on QA for online/hybrid and instructional technologies, and is actively involved in various learning communities. In 2017, Tracy and the Assistant Director for ATI, introduced a campus-wide annual event, ITS Tech Talks. Since then, together they lead the CSU San Bernardino ITS Tech Talks event in support of educators, students, staff and the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025. The event provided opportunities to meet and exchange ideas on various teaching strategies, explore current and emerging technology in education, and learn about faculty led quality assurance initiatives and projects that are enhancing the teaching and learning experience in higher education.

Ron Friedman, Instructional Designer, California State University San Bernardino
Ron J. Friedman, M.S. is an instructional designer with CSU San Bernardino and a CSU QA facilitators. He is a certified course reviewer with a special interest in finding technology that is fun and easy to use for both faculty and students. At CSUSB, Ron works with a select group of faculty participating in the annual CSUSB E-learning academy. For Ron, it’s all about finding the right mix of activities and tools that help make a course exciting to teach and relevant for todays’ learners.

Outside of instructional design, Ron is an active Search and Rescue first responder. He enjoys all things outdoors, healthy living (good food) and hangin’ with the dog.

Amanda Taylor, Instructional Designer, California State University San Bernardino
Mandy Taylor is currently an Instructional Designer with ATI at CSUSB. Prior to becoming an Instructional Designer, she taught English Literature and Composition courses at CSUSB and several community colleges. She enjoys the design process and is an advocate for high-quality asynchronous education. She has designed and taught courses in a variety of formats and learning management systems. She has a varied research interests, such as popular culture, science studies, and Higher Education, and has recently published on Supernatural and The Walking Dead. She is currently pursuing her M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology online at CSU Fullerton.

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