Session Description

Friday, April 9th, 2021
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM: Concurrent Sessions
Taming the Lions, Tigers, and Bears of Online Course Management
There is never enough time. Even with a well-designed course, the management of an online course can eat up a lot of time. Then there are the emails… While you will continue to receive emails, there are strategies you can explore to help you reign in those management tasks that take you away from engaging with your students and providing meaningful feedback on their work.

We will evaluate a variety of grading tasks so we can be more strategic with our grading time. We will examine a sample course guide that can help with answering the question "What do I need to do for COURSE 3210 today?" or "How should I word this email to the student who never logs in?" You will surely be able to identify one or five strategies that can help you tame your online course management tasks.
Learning Objectives
Evaluate grading tasks to provide strategic feedback.
Describe components of a course guide.
Select strategies to incorporate into your course and/or schedule.
Presentation Files
Lisa Kidder, Quality+ Program Manager, Idaho State University
Lisa has been involved with teaching and technology for over 20 yrs. She has a background in both K12 and higher education and is currently the Quality+ Program Manager. She is constantly looking for ways to improve teaching and learning with technology.

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