LES 2021 Annual Meeting Agenda

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Agenda subject to change.

Tools of the Trade: Trends and Developments in IP Valuation and Dealmaking Data and Internet Tools
IP valuation and dealmaking are often done in the absence of solid royalty, pricing and other pertinent data, which should have been supporting key IP monetization decisions. A typical IP deal requires access to several types of data, including: royalty rates and other licensing terms, comparable transaction prices, litigation risk metrics, and patent analytics and quality ranking. Moreover, the internet and social media have become increasingly essential elements of conducting business in the United States and globally, which, in turn, raises new issues in deals involving websites and related digital assets.

The IP licensing professional conducting the deal often needs to engage in quantitative decisions related to a particular term structure, or to communicate value expectations to management; however, the in-house IP dealmaker does not always know where to look for data, or what data even exists to support decision making while trying to close a successful deal. This panel of IP valuation experts, IP dealmakers and data providers will raise the curtain on the "tools of the trade" and provide a deep-dive into some state-of-the-art IP and Internet-related data tools that are available in the market today, where to find them and how to best utilize them.