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December 3-5

Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference
Preliminary Schedule

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Chasing Shadows and Eating the Moon
Early elementary learners love stories! Better still if the characters in the story are exploring some natural science phenomena. In our Project PLANET, learners engaged in storybook-inspired activities to learn about the patterns of changing shadow length over the course of a day, and of lunar phases over a month. Along the way they discovered how to eat a Moon-shaped breakfast.

In this session, educators from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Lawrence Hall of Science, and West Chester Univ., will share with participants how Project PLANET created an instructional sequence beginning with a storybook, and included a visit to a planetarium. In-class instruction provided context for the out-of-classroom experience, and allowed learners to engage in deciphering patterns in astronomical phenomena which normally take days or months to see in real time. Project PLANET had learners actively exploring the phenomena of shadows, and lunar phases, supporting early elementary NGSS performance expectations.

Facilitators will offer suggestions for how to implement these activities in an online format.

This work is supported through an NSF exploratory grant in the DRK-12 program.
Conference Strand: Public Engagement in Informal Settings