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December 3-5

Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference
Preliminary Schedule

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Thought Experiments, Quizzes and Interactive Workshops
As we move from in-person presentations to online learning activities, implementing online interactive group activities are critical for success. And of course, these same activities are will be important once in-person classes resume. This session will cover several interactive astronomy and cosmology activities that will help ensure success for your outreach events.

Thought Experiments
* Attendees trace the same thought processes that Einstein and Newton went through

Active Learning/Team Building Exercises in Break-out Rooms
* Creative problem-solving tasks such as the "NASA Survival on the Moon" challenge

Live Polling
* Answer quiz questions and give opinions on various topics

* "Can you Outsmart a 9th Grader?" and "Name that Nebula"
Immersion into Pop Culture
* Music videos and movie snippets with an astronomy/space exploration theme

Interactive group activities are critical in engaging attendees of all ages during online distance learning.

We are in the golden age of astronomy and cosmology discoveries that are shedding light on our very origins. Major technological breakthroughs are actually revealing the puzzle pieces of the birth, evolution and eventual fate of the universe. Learn about improving your teaching and student learning through the use of thought experiments, quizzes and interactive workshops.

Tom Vassos (BES, MBA), the workshop instructor, is the Founder of and author of the book "The Ultimate Guided Tour of the Universe." Mr. Vassos is a skilled professor, workshop leader and professional keynote speaker with a sense of humor that has conducted over 1,000 keynote speeches and workshops in 45 countries on 6 continents in the past 4 decades.

Mr. Vassos is a science communicator that is frequently invited as a guest expert on radio and television. He delights in imparting his knowledge to space enthusiasts, young minds and lifelong learners everywhere.
Conference Strand: Online K-16 Teaching & Learning