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December 3-5

Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference
Preliminary Schedule

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The NASA Community College Network
The NASA Community College Network (NCCN), is a newly funded initiative to bring the skills and resources of NASA science into the classrooms of the nation's community college system.

NCCN will consist of three key engagement strategies guided by needs assessments of both community college instructors (CCIs) and the NASA subject matter experts (SMEs) wanting to engage in outreach. First, brokering direct partnerships between NASA science SMEs and community college instructors. Second, by providing a set of current resources to be used by the SMEs in classroom interactions, or directly by the instructors, that is audience appropriate and "ready to go." Thirdly, to provided professional development and training, both for the community college instructors to support their knowledge base of new NASA science or research topics, and thus help communicate new or more challenging concepts to their students, and for the NASA SMEs on how best interact with this audience. For scientists new to outreach, we will help them to increase their impact on, and satisfaction with, their contributions to community college education.

This presentation will describe the structure and implementation of the Network, due to go live on January 1, 2021, and give details on how the scientific community can get involved.
Conference Strand: Online K-16 Teaching & Learning