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December 3-5

Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference
Preliminary Schedule

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Smartphone Simulation Apps Used in College Astronomy Labs
SkySafari from Simulation Curriculum, Inc., in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a free app available for Iphone and Android devices. It permits the user to select any location on Earth and any time within one hundred years and to display the sky as it was visible there and then. Astronomy Lab Experiments can be designed to use the app's capabilities. In our College, as an introductory lab, students must display the sky at the time of their birth, record the coordinates of the sun, moon, and planets, and plot those points on a graph. Other exercises used are the angles of sunrise at different latitudes, both north and south, and the retrograde motions of the superior and inferior planets. For asynchronous classes, such as are increasingly common these days, a field experience can be built into a lab session; students can, on particular nights, track planets as they move in the sky and can measure their paths across a constellation.
Conference Strand: Online K-16 Teaching & Learning