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Staying Afloat" How to Solicit & Steward with Empathy
Thursday, July 15th, 2021
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM: Breakout 6
Ready to swim and not sink? Bring your energy, endurance, and excellence and learn how to craft compassionate solicitations and coordinate genuinely compelling stewardship in order to weather the storm and position your mission as a beacon of hope. Empathy will strengthen your solicitation success while increasing donor loyalty and connectedness. You will leave with a framework to solicit and steward with empathy, gain knowledge on how to create a culture of compassion, and gain guidance on how to self-correct and reflect with yourself and team when retaining gifts. By activating empathy through a structured framework, you will successfully update donors on the impact of their impact while communicating in an equitable and inclusive way that engages emotions, combats bias, and positions one priority at a time while appropriately acknowledging and accepting financial investments of all sizes. You will also learn how to tailor the task of appreciation and increase engagement while actively listening and keeping your not-for-profit organization afloat. Research from the 2020 Fundraising Effectiveness Report will influence the overall stewardship strategies and provide inspiration for tailored tactics.