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Donor Acknowledgement Strategy: Increase Engagement and Decrease Expense
Thursday, July 15th, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Breakout 4
Are your donor acknowledgements an afterthought because you simply do not have the bandwidth to process them? Find out how American Heart Association (AHA) has built donor confidence with prompt, personalized acknowledgements, and communications with low postage rates. Our session will cover many aspects of the donor acknowledgement process: Here are a series of questions that may apply to you. 1. Are you handling donor acknowledgements yourself? 2. Are you getting the best postage rates, and do you know the rules for when you can mail nonprofit vs first-class? 3. How often are you reviewing the content of your donor acknowledgement letters? 4. Are you leveraging your acknowledgement letters as another opportunity to deepen engagement with your donors? 5. Are you taking the opportunity to customize your acknowledgement to provide specific information on an important issue? 6. Do your donors know the impact of their gift? 7. Do you maximize opportunities for personalization and segmentation like large and small gifts?
Learning Outcome #1
By attending this session participants will learn:
Navigate donor acknowledgements during challenging times like pandemic, smaller staffs, and crisis events.
Learning Outcome #2
By attending this session participants will learn:
Maximize personalization and segmentation business rules.
Learning Outcome #3
By attending this session participants will learn:
Increase the value of donor acknowledgements, while saving money. Examples include tips on postage and packages and how to implement a second gift soft ask.
To enhance the attendee's learning experience, we are looking for a variety of presentation styles. Please indicate your style: An interactive experience