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Innovation & education in children services featured today! Check out sessions: 215, 248, 249, 251, 253, 254                       #KidsFirstConference2020
Primary Presenter: Mary Mouring
Company/Organization/Educational Entity: Monarch Academy Annapolis
Bio: Mary Mouring brings 20 years of experience in education. Her background includes teaching in some of the most challenging schools in Los Angeles to filling the role of Associate Professor at USC's Rossier School of Education. Although she has worn many hats in the field of education, coordinator, team lead, advisory, assistant principal, her true calling is that of a classroom educator with a focus on refining the art form that seems to be lost to high teacher turn-over, burn-out, or attrition. Simply put, Mrs. Mouring is a teacher.

Workshop Track Legend
  • Education – ED
  • Mental Health – MH
  • Juvenile Justice – JJ
  • Leadership – LD
  • Community/Parents - CP