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Primary Presenter: Elizabeth Garcia
Company/Organization/Educational Entity: The Children's Guild Alliance
Bio: Elizabeth Garcia is Chief of Clinical Services at The Children’s Guild Alliance. In this role, she ensures behavioral health, residential and treatment foster care programs provide the highest quality of clinical care. She is an LCSW-C with more than 25 years of experience providing direct practice clinical services as well as managing behavioral health and out of home care for children and families.

Elizabeth joined The Children’s Guild Alliance in 2011 and previous served as the Director of Behavioral Health Services. Her leadership has overseen the growth of the Expanded School Based Mental Health Services to six counties and 90 schools. She serves on the Board of The Behavioral Health Association of Maryland.

Prior to The Children’s Guild, Garcia was Division Director for Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau in Cleveland. She received two master’s degrees, in social work and nonprofit management, from Case Western Reserve University. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Kenyon College.

Workshop Track Legend
  • Education – ED
  • Mental Health – MH
  • Juvenile Justice – JJ
  • Leadership – LD
  • Community/Parents - CP