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Innovation & education in children services featured today! Check out sessions: 215, 248, 249, 251, 253, 254                       #KidsFirstConference2020
Primary Presenter: Judy Shaw
Bio: Judy is the Founder and Senior Leader of the Center of Life Church in Sioux Falls, she has established four (4) faith based centers in the Midwest, a school of ministry in Belgrade, Serbia; and developed a sustainable community in the village of Doryuma, Ghana. This growing community provides resources to the region which include, an educational system, entrepreneurial initiatives for sustainability, a water treatment facility, and three (3) orphanages (Safe Homes). Additionally, a medical clinic is presently under construction. Her other projects include a school for girls in Suswa, Kenya; a Youth Center in Monrovia, Liberia and her ministry supports two (2) orphanages in India. Her scope of influence has been developed by her global career, collaborative initiatives and long standing relationships. These elements have provided the foundation and platform for teaching and training life-building concepts to include: Cross cultural relationships to establish global unity, Strategic planning for innovative educational systems, and Creating ideology and developing solutions for social injustice.

Workshop Track Legend
  • Education – ED
  • Mental Health – MH
  • Juvenile Justice – JJ
  • Leadership – LD
  • Community/Parents - CP