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Primary Presenter: Reggie Smith
Company/Organization/Educational Entity: United States Distance Learning Association
Bio: Dr. Reggie Smith III currently serves as Chair Emeritus of the Board of Directors for the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). In this current capacity, he provides board leadership to the association, members, and partners. His leadership in establishing video teleconferencing in the National Guard began as early as 1995, and ultimately culminated in the deployment of a nation-wide, video teleconferencing system supporting the war fighting capabilities of the National Guard as well as active duty military forces. His strategic planning and inter-agency outreach initiatives in supporting the knowledge development and distribution capability of the Advanced Distributed Learning organization and the Joint Knowledge Online successfully bridged the cultural differences across federal agencies.

As a promoter and advocate of distance learning, his contributions in supporting the development and deployment of distance learning technologies has proved significant in providing the essential knowledge sets and critical skills in maintaining a highly effective and efficient Federal Government and military workforce.

Workshop Track Legend
  • Education – ED
  • Mental Health – MH
  • Juvenile Justice – JJ
  • Leadership – LD
  • Community/Parents - CP