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Primary Presenter: Cheri Torres
Company/Organization/Educational Entity: Collaborative by Design
Bio: Cheri Torres, Ph.D. Lead Catalyst, Cheri partners with people to catalyze positive change in organizations, schools, and communities. Her approach enables leaders and teams to recognize the power of their words and conversations to strengthen relationships, expand possibilities, and increase learning and engagement. She introduces two simple practices: generative questions and positive framing. These are grounded in neuroscience, positive psychology, sociotechnical systems, and Appreciative Inquiry, one of the most widely used approaches for systems change. She’s worked with thousands of educators, leaders and teams around the world to support high performance, engagement, and organizational success. Her passion: work with others to create a movement of conversations worth having around the world that allow us to create communities and organizations that work for everyone.

She’s written numerous books and articles; her most recent book is a Berrett Koehler bestseller, Conversations Worth Having: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement. A perpetual learner, she’s accumulated a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Collaborative Learning from the University of Tennessee. She also holds an MBA, a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, Level 2 certification in Cultural Transformation Tools/Barrett Values Centre, and Level II certification in Spiral Dynamics Integral. She also co-designed and patented Mobile Team Challenge, an award-winning, portable low ropes course.

Workshop Track Legend
  • Education – ED
  • Mental Health – MH
  • Juvenile Justice – JJ
  • Leadership – LD
  • Community/Parents - CP