Wednesday, October 28th, 2020
1:35 PM - 2:25 PM: Concurrent Sessions
Teaching Strategies that Facilitate Learning
Becoming Learner-Driven: Moving Beyond Learner-Centered to Empower Student Ownership of the Learning
Learner-driven design empowers learners to shape their learning experiences.

In this presentation, you will learn about: 1) key learner-driven principles; 2) implications for course design; and 3) scaling learner-driven design in online courses.
Learning Objectives
Understand the difference between learner-centered design and learner-driven design
Explain the importance of student-ownership in the course design and learning process
Evaluate how learner-driven an institution's courses are currently
Intended Participants: Role
Instructional Designers
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
People new to the topic
Patrick Dempsey, Director of the Office of Digital Teaching & Learning, Loyola University Maryland
Patrick Dempsey (Ed.D, M.B.A., M.Div., M.A.), Director of the Office of Digital Teaching & Learning at Loyola University Maryland, has published and presented widely on engaging faculty in instructional design, communities of inquiry and transformative learning, and quality assurance in online classes