Tuesday, October 27th, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:20 PM: Concurrent Sessions
Celebrating Success
Navigating a Crisis Through Community
If you have not built a professional learning community, you need to come to this session. Presenters from 6 different institutions will share their stories about how they continue to build their professional learning network & help you do the same!
Learning Objectives
Participants will connect to the existing communities that fit their profession
Participants will write and share a personal development plan to build their PLN during conference
Participants will describe examples of how a PLN can assist them in a time of crisis
Intended Participants: Role
Instructional Designers
QM Coordinators
Intended Participants - Knowledge Level
People with some experience in the topic, but looking to grow
#QMCommunity #QMPLN
Maryam Rod Szabo, Education Program Consultant, Iowa Department of Education
Maryam is an Education Program Consultant at the Iowa Department of Education. Previously she was an Assistant Professor of Education. She has taught K-12 English as a foreign language, higher education online and face-to-face classes of educational technology and design, and online learning and design. Her dissertation and research are focused on faculty development and online technology and pedagogy. She held an instructional designer role, and Quality Matters Coordinator. She currently is a Quality Matters Master Reviewer, Facilitator.

Penny Ralston-Berg, Senior instructional designer, PennState
Penny Ralston-Berg is a Senior Instructional Designer for the Penn State World Campus. Her research interests include student perspectives of quality and how this impacts design practice; growth of instructional designers from novice to expert; and the use of games and simulations in online instruction. She serves on the Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning (Madison, WI) planning committee and is currently the chair of the Quality Matters Instructional Designers Association. She is also the Quality Matters Coordinator for Penn State.

Eddie Andreo, Associate VP for Distance Learning, Cowley College
As the Associate Vice President for Distance Learning at Cowley College, I lead the Instructional Design processes and administer the online campus components of the College by facilitating technology-rich instruction and learning through collaborative curricular innovation. I am a Certified Peer & Master Reviewer as well as a nationally recognized QM Facilitator. I have trained upwards of 2000 faculty & administration in Applying the Quality Matters Rubric and other QM Professional Development.

James Johnson, Independent Distant Learning Consultant, James “JJ” Johnson
James “JJ” Johnson has been involved in distance learning since 1998 in positions ranging from adjunct instructor, to eLearning Director. He develops and supports eLearning quality assurance teams, and works with administration and faculty to establish and improve online programs. JJ is a QM Certified Peer Reviewer and Master Reviewer, a QM Online Facilitator, and one of the original team who established the Quality Matters Instructional Design Association (QMIDA).

Steven Crawford, District Director, Maricopa Center for Learning and Innovation, Maricopa Community Colleges
Steven has been involved in distance learning for over twenty years at multiple institutions as a technologist, instructional designer, and adjunct faculty. He has authored several articles and chapters on flipped teaching and blended learning. In addition, he is a QM Facilitator and Master Reviewer.