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Resilience Lessons Learned: Federal, State, and Local Coastal Managers Share Their Stories
This session delves into coastal resiliency and climate change. Specifically the actions that federal, state, and local coastal managers are taking to address the issues both collaboratively and individually. Items include: how to assess vulnerability, what information and resources are needed in the planning process, how to engage partners at all levels, and ultimately implement projects.

As with all good projects, engaging appropriate partners is of paramount importance. Addressing all concerns and utilizing strengths up front reduces project timelines and associated costs.

This session includes a mix of presenters and examples. We hear from three partners on the New Haven Harbor project - one federal, state, and local - and their different perspectives. Learn about work in New Jersey that is addressing municipal issues via a Regional plan. And lastly case examples from the EPA where the question is raised as to whether resiliency is always the best approach.

The format includes presentations from federal, state coastal programs, and local partners that will provide a cross-section of experiences and expertise addressing coastal resiliency and climate change. The Coastal States Organization will moderate the session to synthesize speaker points, provide direction and spur discussion during a panel segment.
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