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Show Me the Money: Funding Nature-Based Solutions for Hazard Mitigation
Natural and nature-based infrastructure continues to be a focus for decision-makers interested in reducing risk from coastal hazards and enhancing community resilience. As our understanding of the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions (NBS) expands, coastal communities are looking to diverse funding streams to implement them. Fortunately, opportunities to leverage funding for nature-based solutions exist. NOAA has been working with our coastal management partners and FEMA over the last year to explore ways communities can access funding for hazard mitigation and community redevelopment to implement NBS.

This session will build on this conversation by providing an introduction into various hazard mitigation funding streams that could support nature-based solutions. A panel of experts will draw from their own experiences to share what opportunities and challenges they see with regard to accessing these funds and provide a number of real examples of projects. We'll discuss funding streams such as FEMA Mission Assignments, Pre-disaster and Hazard Mitigation Grants, and Public Assistance funds. The panel members will share their experience and expertise in post hurricane funding streams for coral; FEMA's Natural and Cultural Resources Recovery Support Function; post-disaster infrastructure mitigation available under FEMA's Public Assistance program; legal and policy analysis of ocean and coastal issues including hazard resilience; and policy and case studies to leverage federal funding for nature-based solutions that mitigate hazards such as flood, fire, drought, and heat.
Disaster Planning, Response, Recovery, and Resilience