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Matchmaking for Resilient Coastal Infrastructure: Coastal Manager Seeking Transportation Planner
Coastal managers are increasingly interested in implementing natural and nature-based infrastructure solutions that reduce hazard risks to their communities while also providing additional benefits such as recreation, fisheries habitat and carbon sequestration. In this session we will explore opportunities for coastal states to build new partnerships that advance natural and nature-based solutions to increase community and infrastructure resilience.

Through an interactive panel discussion with state and federal transportation planners and coastal managers, we will learn more about the Federal Highway Administration's focus on implementing nature-based solutions for coastal highway resilience, and highlight ways that coastal management programs and state transportation agencies are - and could be - partnering to implement nature-based solutions for multiple benefits. Our panelists will discuss lessons learned from state pilot projects, and identify opportunities to leverage expertise and resources across agencies to implement successful projects. We will also explore innovative practices and the development of new products or tools that can help to connect coastal management programs and National Estuarine Research Reserves with state transportation agencies to facilitate the use of nature-based solutions for infrastructure resilience.

Invited panelists include:
Tina Hodges, US DOT - Federal Highways Administration
LaTonya Gilliam, Delaware DOT
Marianne Walch, Ph.D., Science & Restoration Coordinator, Delaware Center for the Inland Bays
Jessica Davenport, California Coastal Conservancy
Nature-Based Shoreline Management, Living Shorelines, and Erosion