About Summit

Connecting with People
Effective engagement and outreach doesn't just happen…it takes work! This session presents speakers that will explore varied aspects of engagement and outreach including:
• learning to confront fear and bias in communicating controversial topics;
• connecting historically under-resourced communities with educational resources and activities that engage participants in coastal restoration efforts; and
• visual storytelling and marketing techniques that serve to educate and inspire action in the form of personal stewardship, donations or advocacy on behalf of the environment.

In this session, our first speaker will focus on communicating perplexing science topics and navigating the relationships among those affected, tackling controversial issues in a non-biased manner and promoting and sustaining relationships among stakeholders. The session will also include an overview of a two-year effort towards educating and engaging the historically under-resourced Lower 9th Ward community in LA in direct environmental restoration work. In addition, multimedia and communication experts will (1) cover the basics of composition and editing photos to tell a story and will provide examples designed to create a stronger emotional response from supporters, policymakers and the public; and (2) explore a guerrilla marketing technique that confronts popular misinformation with confidence, but without pre-requisite demand that audiences adopt a certain perspective of ethics, values, or reason to receive the message.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion