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A Focus on the Vital Role of Hydrology and Hydrodynamics in Coastal Restoration in Mid-Atlantic National Wildlife Refuges
Extensive coastal restoration and planning efforts within the Mid-Atlantic National Wildlife Refuge System have been conducted through Superstorm Sandy Resiliency and Recovery Funding over the past 6 years. These projects have set a tone of placing the hydrology and hydrodynamics influence on the coastal systems in the forefront of project design, resiliency planning, restoration, construction, monitoring and adaptive management.

This session will discuss and highlight several different ongoing projects that are using innovative monitoring and restoration techniques, resiliency assessments, partnerships, and data analysis. This session will discuss how hydrology and hydrodynamics play a major role in building long-term resiliency and foster natural evolution in the coastal ecosystems of the Refuges.

The projects showcased occurred at: E.B. Forsythe , Cape May , Chincoteague , and Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuges
Coastal Ecological Restoration – Marshes and Tidally Influenced Wetlands