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A Decade of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Funding for Habitat Restoration
The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and NOAA funded over $100 million of habitat restoration from 2010 to 2020. During those ten years, a wide range of projects have been designed and constructed, including offshore spawning reefs, coastal wetlands, contaminated sediment remediation, and fish passage, among others. This session will focus on how the restoration program was set up, the many stakeholders and partners that were engaged, and lessons learned through the implementation and monitoring of dozens of projects across a large region.
Early phases of the program used the framework of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement to focus on projects that addressed designated Beneficial Use Impairments within the Areas of Concern identified by the agreement. More recently, the program has expanded to include restoration projects outside of these historically degraded areas of the Great Lakes. While the habitat restoration work in Areas of Concern continues to be a key focus, the program is looking forward to working with partners to employ additional frameworks for systematically identifying future projects to provide the greatest collective benefit to the Great Lakes ecosystem.
Large-Scale Management and Restoration