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Adaptation Techniques to Enhance Salt Marsh Resiliency to Sea Level Rise
Coastal wetlands in southern New England are not keeping pace with sea level rise and are experiencing an increase in interior ponding and die off areas. Runnels, described as shallow creeks are an adaptation technique to help salt marshes adapt to accelerated sea level rise and to restore hydrology from past agricultural impacts including embankments and ditches. Presentations will address the current condition of marshes in the northeast and the impacts of impounded water on marsh function, ongoing runnel practices in southern New England, monitoring results and transferable lessons learned. Planning techniques to identify sites where runnels may improve marsh habitat will also be reviewed. Varying perspectives and transferable lessons learned from biologists, researchers, restoration ecologists, and mosquito abatement staff will be shared.
Coastal Ecological Restoration – Marshes and Tidally Influenced Wetlands