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Developing Effective State Plans for Marine Shellfish Restoration
Restoration and enhancement projects that include a robust planning process based on sound science, minimizing user conflicts, habitat tradeoff/exchange, and public health concerns can increase the likelihood of maximizing ecological and societal benefits. Numerous states have developed or are now developing comprehensive, stakeholder-driven plans to restore diminished populations of native near-shore shellfish including oysters, clams, bay scallops, and mussels. Plans can serve as a guide for managers, restoration practitioners, scientists, and stakeholders toward enhancing shellfish populations and the services they provide.

When done well, the planning process should leverage partnerships and foster collaboration, be transparent with opportunities for stakeholder input, and draw upon local expertise. Plans should utilize best available knowledge to inform restoration and enhancement practices, improve short- and long-term planning and coordination, build stakeholder support for and meaningful involvement with such activities, and seek to scale-up existing and future projects. Broadly supported shellfish restoration plans can also beneficially influence more traditional shellfish management actions (e.g., wild shellfish harvest and aquaculture) and other coastal planning processes. But crafting a planning process that achieves these diverse objectives is no easy task.

Panelists for this session, who represent state government, national and state nonprofits, academia, and educational organizations, are leaders in their state's shellfish restoration activities and plan development processes. Panelists will discuss their respective state's progress in this arena (including how to develop collective restoration visions, goals, and success metrics); how to leverage expertise, resources, and partnerships; how to ensure effective stakeholder engagement; and lessons learned/recommendations for other states interested in similar efforts. Panel Chair Aaron Kornbluth will tie together common themes and identify a set of principles and resources to help states develop these plans.
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