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Let's Talk Habitat Restoration
Presentations are great and informative, but are you looking for something a little less structured and a bit more interactive? Come join the American Littoral Society (Society) as they host an informal discussion on what it takes to turn a restoration idea into a fully implemented habitat restoration project, or better yet, a restoration program! Since 2014, the American Littoral Society has completed over 25 habitat restoration projects. These projects have been diverse in scope ranging from restoring beaches for spawning horseshoe crabs, elevating sunken marsh, building oyster reefs, creating a maritime forest, to improving fish passage for river herring so they can get to critical spawning grounds. In this session the Society will lead a relaxed discussion on a number of topics and hear about your experiences to include: strategies, challenges, regulatory hurdles and partnerships, restoration methods in a variety of environments, funding, budgeting, implementation, volunteerism, outreach, engagement, adaptive management, and lessons learned based on our experiences and yours implementing restoration projects nationwide. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee (or a beverage of your choice), and bring your stories and questions. We want to learn from you and share our experiences so we can all improve our efforts for the future.
Coastal Ecological Restoration – General