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Respect the Ocean: Conservation, Science, and Safety Along All Our Nation's Coasts
Respect the Ocean is the primary message of the new NOAA National Weather Service film series Wave Safe, and that message was designed to encourage both the protection of individuals in all our communities and the coastal areas they may visit. NOAA Expert, series writer, and host, Bruckner Chase, takes those committed to protecting the health of our coastal estuaries and communities behind the camera and onto the shore with the creation of the new NOAA National Weather Service "Wave Safe" film series. This new, ground-breaking safety and science collection takes a geographically and demographically specific approach to protecting anyone visiting our diverse coastlines from remote lagoons of American Samoa to the wetlands of the Jersey Shore. Merging the science of waves, weather and water with a social science approach to education and behavior the series speaks to anyone who may find themselves in, on or near the water as a conservationist, educator, researcher or tourist. From filming locations that included the summer crowds in Ocean City, remote tidal pools in Northern California, and jagged cliffs along the village of Leone, Bruckner shares the journey that began in Silver Spring to improve how we educate everyone about specific hazards and threats on all our coasts. The end result is a message for anyone visiting a coastal area or charged with protecting those waters or communities:
• Philosophy - Respect the Ocean
• Mindset - Stay Situationally Aware at the Shore
• Action - Take Ten to Protect Yourself to Save Others