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Living Shorelines - Where Will We Be in 2040?
The implementation of living shoreline or soft shoreline stabilization approaches across the nation has been accelerating over the last decade. During this time, shoreline practitioners have experimented and adaptively managed projects using living shorelines/nature based infrastructure as alternatives to traditionally engineered shorelines.

Despite the wealth knowledge gained by practitioners towards understanding how these approaches can work, the future of living shorelines type projects is uncertain. In an era of rising seas and extreme storms, our need to protect critical infrastructure and communities will only grow. Will living shorelines remain a viable option for shoreline managers? Alternatively, do we need to consider looking at the viability of these approaches in new ways that consider these challenges? To answer these questions, experienced shoreline restoration practitioners and researchers will share their views and insight into the future of living shorelines and how they might evolve and factor in these expected impacts to our coasts.

Each member of the panel will share their views about the future of living shorelines over the next 20 years based on their extensive experiences on this topic. The panel moderator will engage the panel in a thought provoking conversation around the future of living shorelines using a series of targeted questions. Afterwards, the moderator will provide an opportunity for the audience to explore with our panel specific challenges or solutions that will impact living shorelines into the future. By exploring new ideas and approaches to address current and future challenges like sea level rise, property loss, and extreme coastal storms, our panel and the audience may offer new options and pathways to ensure that living shorelines remain a viable option for shoreline management in the coming decades.
Nature-Based Shoreline Management, Living Shorelines, and Erosion