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Coastal and Restoration Perspectives on UN Decade of Ocean Science
The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, 2021-2030 (UN Decade) is a unique ten-year, global cooperative program to expand scientific partnerships to support effective science, ocean management, and sustainable development. During this virtual roundtable, one speaker will introduce the opportunities provided by the Decade, and another will speak about the relevance of the Decade for coastal, estuarine and nearshore management, restoration and conservation. This will be followed by a dialogue aimed at engaging Summit attendees to (1) learn about connections between their work and the Decade's goals and priorities, (2) explore possible strategies for knowledge development and exchange, and (3) identify opportunities to become involved in UN Decade-related activities.

The Summit serves as an ideal location to solicit input on the UN Decade due to the diversity of attendees, both in terms of expertise and profession, but also scale of work (from local to international). Additionally, the science-to-practice emphasis of the coastal and estuarine restoration and management community relates directly to the Decade's emphasis on "sustainable development"; this Decade is an opportunity to advance science that will make a substantial impact on human wellbeing. Input from The Summit community during this roundtable will help ensure that the Decade, and its Implementation and Science plans, will include actionable items and concrete indicators that address the societal and science needs of the coastal restoration and management community.
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