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Funding Opportunities and Mitigation Banking
Join this session and learn about new, ongoing and expanded funding opportunities and delve into a thought provoking presentation asking if we are getting adequate compensation for losses of unique estuarine habitats. Presenters from federal agencies (FEMA and USDA NRCS) and non-profit organizations (RAE and NFWF) will provide overviews of their respective funding programs, including priorities, regional focus, types of financial support, examples of projects, and tools and resources for grant applicants. This session covers a variety of opportunities, including funding for coastal and estuarine protection and restoration; community-based initiatives to restore, increase and strengthen natural infrastructure to protect coastal communities while also enhancing habitats for fish and wildlife; and state and local governments, tribes, and territories helping communities build capability and capacity so that they develop community mitigation projects to increase resilience.

Following this exploration of funding opportunities, participants will learn about the current status of tidal mitigation banking across the Mid-Atlantic region, with examples of both in-kind and out-of-kind credits being calculated and sold for impacts to estuarine habitat. The presentation will shed light on the challenges faced by State and federal regulators in both determining the means by which tidal impacts can be compensated and the methods by which adequate compensation should be calculated.
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