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Collaborative Programs to Enhance the Resilience of Communities and Ecosystems to Climate Change
This session focuses on programs in the northeastern U.S. that are engaging with local coastal communities and/or natural resource management areas to address risks from sea level rise, storm surge, and associated flooding. Our goal is to identify programs and adaptation measures that are enhancing the resilience of coastal communities to sea level rise and related impacts and share strategies that have helped build consensus around implementing such measures. As municipalities across New England confront the many challenges of identifying and implementing adaptation measures to protect the essential character of their built environment and natural resources, strong collaborations are essential to the decision-making process. Accordingly, the presentations in this session will highlight collaboration among local government entities, academic researchers, conservation organizations, and the public.

Talks in this session will feature coastal management professionals from across New England, who will discuss new adaptation approaches, management successes (and failures), strategies for building consensus, and techniques for bringing research and monitoring information to communities. The session will identify common successes and challenges associated with multiple place-based collaborative programs that are focused on community and ecosystem resilience in response to climate change.
Coastal Management