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Coastal Zone Management: Going Back to Nature to Address Today's Hazardous Conditions #mothernatureoftenknowsbest
All around the country - our coasts are not what they used to be. With over 40% of our nation's population living on or near the coast, the pressures are real. As populations along the coast increased and coastal hazards exerted harm; natural systems were modified, engineered, and hardened in an effort to build ourselves out of harm's way. While hard infrastructure has a time and a place, it is not the Holy Grail to managing coastal systems.

The Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) sets forth the ideal that States and Territories should work together in partnership with the Federal government to responsibly manage development and use of our shared coastal resources. Federal partners at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office for Coastal Management provide technical and financial assistance to the coastal programs under the CZMA. Coastal Programs leverage that assistance with their own technical and financial resources to manage their coastal areas. These efforts take many forms and are reflective of the needs of the particular geography. Programs develop plans, administer regulatory programs, administer pass through grants, and coordinate across all levels of government and nongovernment.

This session provides an overview of some of those efforts. Experts from the West Coast, Great Lakes, New England, Mid Atlantic, and Southeast regions join us, as we learn from their efforts and engage in dialogue with the group.

Session includes presentations from state Coastal Programs and provides a cross-section of experiences and expertise addressing nature based and living shoreline solutions to coastal issues. The Coastal States Organization will moderate the session to synthesize speaker points, provide direction and spur discussion during the panel segment.
Coastal Management