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Saturday, October 17th, 2020
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM: Mid-Afternoon Breakout
Healing from Infidelity with Sex Workers: Peeling Back Men's Sexual Narrative
According to data collected as part of the General Social Survey by researchers drawing
on a large-scale nationally representative sample of men, about 14 percent of
American men said they paid for sex at some point in their lives, but just 1 percent said
they visited a prostitute in the past year (2010). While there have been many books about
infidelity by men in heterosexual relationships, there are fewer research studies,
mainstream books or articles about how men feel about their sexual behavior with
prostitutes, escorts, strippers, sugar babies or online chat room partners. Many times men
enter sex therapy treatment individually to put an end to what they describe as addictive,
compulsive or out of control behavior either with sex workers in general or with a
particular escort. At other times, a couple enters sex therapy after the wife or female
partner's discovery of the years-long infidelity in which her husband/partner has engaged.
She may enter couples counseling for many reasons including:

• to recover in a supportive environment from his sexual betrayal
• to ask a professional to urge her partner to get some addiction treatment for what
appears to be a compulsive behavior
• to punish him for the immoral behavior that has threatened their family's stability
• to understand how and why he chose to be non-consensually non-monogamous in
general and in particular with paid sex workers
• to get sexual health information about whether she had been exposed to STIs
• to decide whether she wants to remain in the relationship.

There is very little clinical literature about the specific implications the infidelity has on
the spouse and relationships. It is through case studies that many therapists learn the
ways in which infidelity with sex workers affect the mental, sexual and relational health
of the heterosexual men who pursue this activity, their female partners and their
relationship itself while offering techniques to help each partner and relationship to heal
with insight, amends and compassion.
Learning Objective #1: Participants will be able to describe the patterns and meaning of heterosexual men's nonmonogamous sexual behaviors with paid sex workers in ruling in a differential description of Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior.
Learning Objective #2: Participants will be able to discuss how infidelity with escorts or other sex workers impacts a couple's relational recovery.
Learning Objective #3: Participants will be able to describe interventions for individual men who enter treatment individually and/or with their spouse to recover from secretive non-monogamous sexual behavior.
Available CE Credits: 1.5
Sari Cooper, Center for Love and Sex, Director
Sari Cooper LCSW-R, CST is the Director of Center for Love and Sex, a group practice specializing in holistic embodied sex therapy and sex coaching in NYC. She is an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Sex Therapy Supervisor who has been seeing individuals and couples from diverse cultural, religious, and sexual orientation and practices for over 20 years. Sari presents frequently at international professional conferences on helping individuals and couples heal from infidelity, out of control sexual behaviors, sexual communication, low desire, sexual disorders, consensual non-monogamy and expanding sexual practices. She is Kink and Poly aware and a culturally attuned therapist who frequently sees partners who come from different racial backgrounds from one another.

Sari is also the creator of Sex Esteem® LLC, a company devoted to enriching people’s confidence and knowledge about their own sexuality, the choices in their relationship agreements and how to communicate with partners about the sex life they desire. Through creative live events, webinars and her Sex Esteem® talks she is cultivating a community ready to take on the topic of erotic desire, sexual pleasure, empowerment and exploration.
She is frequently called upon in the media to comment on relationships and sexuality issues. She has been interviewed on outlets like: CBS This Morning, The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, Lifehacker, Bustle, HuffPost and Vice Media.
You can follow her on Facebook: @centerforloveandsex, Twitter: @saricoopercls and Instagram: saricoopersexesteem. Her site is www.centerforloveandsex.com . You can sign up to stay connected about upcoming Sex Esteem® events at: centerforloveandsex.com/se-events.