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Saturday, October 17th, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM: Afternoon Breakout
From Sickness to Health; the vow of intimacy from within ourselves
Mark facilitates workshops to help men safely explore their most shameful and debilitating secrets. These workshops have revealed how often men protect mothers while pouring scorn and blame on fathers, the 'acceptable' target for their trauma and wrath. This presentation will address this confusing inequity. A mother's emotional leadership is equally if not more important to a young man's emotional growth than what he learns from his father. Society teaches young men to put mothers on a pedestal, despite abuse from supposedly 'perfect' mothers that can generate deep rage within a child who may grow up feeling betrayed by his mother while still consciously defending her. This is a lynchpin dynamic that accounts for the abuse women suffer from men, so often without either understanding 'why'! Whatever we're exposed to after birth fills the all-seeking hugely impressionable void within us and becomes our learning. If this learning is muddied with a lack of attention, unhealthy attachment, frightening behaviours or worse, children learn to fear the world and seek to fill their perception of reality with anything outside of themselves that satiates this inner fear and pain. The perfect setup for addiction, external physical and emotional 'medicine' becomes their norm and so often, intensity replaces intimacy. Separation from our original, innocent self continues until prompted by deepening pain and unmanageability to stop, look inwards and uncover the sacred importance of who we've become Vs who we want to be. We need truth and intimacy, and that starts with ourselves!
Learning Objective #1: Participants will analyze the Mother/Son relationship and how conflicting behaviours can predispose a child to a confusing emotional intensity in manhood
Learning Objective #2: Participants will explain how anger and rage when carried within a boy into adulthood can affect his adult relationships with himself and others
Learning Objective #3: Participants will compare the void within male clients, the path back inner health and the importance of building a healthy connection to ourselves from a place of 'into-me-see' intimacy
Level of audience: Intermediate
Available CE Credits: 1.5
SASH Credential Education Credit Objective #1: None
Mark Drax, MyMentor, Addiction Recovery Coach
Mark is an Addiction Recovery Coach, trained in England and America and based near London. After 16 years of running his own electronics business, he left commerce in 2012 in search of a more spiritual and healing career related to the recovery he had been exploring as part of his own journey through abuse and addiction. He turned his experiences with early trauma and addiction into a coaching practice specifically aimed at helping hurting men to identify and break dysfunctional patterns of sexual and abusive behaviours and to apply addiction recovery tools in a realistically sustainable manner. His primary goal is to help men recognise their patterns of destructive behaviour, to unlearn whatever painful emotional myths they may have dragged with them from childhood and start choosing to ‘live’ instead of just to ‘survive’. He works with individuals and presents workshops on subjects like shame, anger, honesty, intimacy & vulnerability. His goal is always to help clients stop abusing themselves and others; to replace addictive secrecy with healthy, nurturing pursuits; and to rediscover and reclaim their true and original ‘self’. We were all born with an intense light shining out into the world. Abuse and dysfunctional parenting slowly dim that light and leaves us floundering in emotional darkness. Mark helps people not only rediscover that light, but to let it shine so brightly that no one can ever try to snuff it out again, including ourselves!