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Saturday, October 17th, 2020
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM: Sexual Health Awareness Session 3
From Separation to Sexploration: Navigating the Liminal Landscape of Post-Divorce Sex
As sexual health specialists, we help clients navigate a lifetime of ongoing sexual awareness and evolution. We witness their transitions through predictable stages of sexual development, accompanied by LESS predictable stages of emotional, social and relational experiences. In this refreshingly narrative and inspiring workshop, divorce specialist Gaelyn Rae Emerson applies her work with more than one hundred divorced and permanently separated women— each following the end of an intimate relationship predicated by sexual infidelity, deception or rejection— to a presentation that features the high, low and "oh, hell no!" moments of her clients' reentry into single sexuality. With passion and humor, Gaelyn presents an eclectic spectrum of socially diverse case studies, each chosen to broaden our professional understanding of women's most private sexual segues. Arrive to this workshop prepared to say "I didn't see THAT coming," and then leave with newfound appreciation and respect for this unique (and often underestimated) demographic.
Learning Objective #1: Participants will be able to describe the sexually-relevant emotional, physical and psychological considerations experienced by survivors of betrayal-related divorce/separation.
Learning Objective #2: Participants will be able to compare-and-contrast the myths and truths surrounding the lived experience of women reentering the landscape of single sexuality—all in the aftermath of committed relationships truncated bu relational trauma.
Learning Objective #3: Participants will be able to discuss the sexual histories, mysteries and masteries of women who survive betrayal-related divorce/separation, through examining various presentations of age, orientation, religion, occupation, socioeconomics, relationship duration and other relevant factors.
Level of audience: Beginner
Available CE Credits: 0
SASH Credential Education Credit Objective #1: NONE
Gaelyn Emerson, Women Ever After, LLC, Relational Trauma Recovery Coach
Gaelyn Emerson is a certified professional life, relationship and divorce recovery coach, dedicating her career to helping others triumph over trauma—whether or not their relationships do. Gaelyn is credentialed by Impact Coaching Academy, the International Coach Federation and the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists. Through programs provided by entities like The Gottman Institute, High Conflict Institute and SASH,
Gaelyn employs advanced training in problematic sexual behavior, abandonment, abuse, affairs, disclosures, divorce, grief, high-conflict dynamics, parenting, separation, trauma and more. Gaelyn coaches clients around the world from her laptop, via her online private practice, Women Ever After, LLC.

This session is free and open to the public. There are NO CE credits being offered for this session.