Learning Design
Leveraging Course Health Analytics to Prioritize Course Enhancements that Drive Student Success
ASU Online offers thousands of online courses a semester with a goal of ongoing course enhancement. This presentation will provide recommendations on how to leverage institutional and course data to identify key course health indicators in online courses and prioritize them in ways that ensure ongoing course improvement. Dashboards with examples will be shared along with a customizable process to identify and prioritize enhancements for online courses at scale.
Learning Objectives:
Outline course health indicators that can assist with identifying which courses to prioritize.
Review the customizable steps used at ASU Online.
Discuss additional course health indicators and opportunities for course enhancement.
Intended Audience: Role
Instructional Designers
Intended Audience: Knowledge Level
New to QM
Experienced with QM
Kody Stimpson, Manager, Quality Assurance and Enhancement, Arizona State University - ASU Online
Kody Stimpson is the Manager of Quality Assurance & Enhancement for ASU Online at Arizona State University. Previously, he was an Instructional Designer for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Teaching and a Master of Science in Instructional Technology from Utah State University. Kody’s research areas include increasing the quality of online teaching and learning through effective processes, procedures, and best practices.