Professional Development
From "Novice to Expert": Strategies for Faculty Support and Collaboration
This presentation describes the quality assurance (QA) efforts at Sacramento State to establish systematic support of faculty in designing and delivering high quality online and hybrid courses and developing infrastructures to sustain and institutionalize support. Using a logic model and training data, the QA team determined critical inputs and outputs to achieve their goals. A 3-tiered approach was implemented to meet the needs of novice, moderately-experienced, and highly-experienced faculty.
Learning Objectives:
Discus facilitative and challenging factors associated with implementing quality assurance programs.
Identify strategies for faculty engagement in professional development for online teaching.
Assess institutional, faculty, student, and staff readiness in online teaching and learning..
Intended Audience: Role
Instructional Designers
Intended Audience: Knowledge Level
New to QM
Experienced with QM
Michelle Dang, Professor/QMC, California State University, Sacramento
Michelle Dang is a Professor in the School of Nursing at Sacramento State and serves as a co-lead for the Quality Assurance Program for the university. Michelle teaches hybrid and online courses in nursing research, community health, and human sexuality. She holds several certifications from QM and is passionate about supporting her colleagues in improving their online courses so that students can benefit.

Deborah George, Instructional Designer, California State University, Sacramento
Deborah George is an instructional design strategist with Sacramento State College of Continuing Education (CCE) and a Quality Matters peer reviewer. Deborah is assisting the college to strategically expand online educational and training opportunities for all learners through appropriate use of emerging technology and QM instructional design practices.

Corinne Rowland, Accessibility & Instructional Technology Consultant, California State University, Sacramento
Corinne Rowland works in the Academic Technology Center at Sacramento State where she provides consultations on the accessibility of instruction materials. She has obtained her QM Peer Reviewer Certification and she holds a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. She advocates for equity, engagement, and accessibility in education.

Mark Rodriguez, Professor/QMC, California State University, Sacramento
Mark Rodriguez is a Professor Emeritus in the Graduate & Professional Studies Department at Sacramento State and serves as a co-lead for the Quality Assurance Program for the university. Mark is the Coordinator of a fully online Master’s in Educational Technology Program in the College of Education. He holds several certifications from QM and has served in various leadership roles at the university related to online teaching and technology.