Professional Development
CSUEB - Data and Analysis on QM Impact to Students' Learning
The Online Campus at California State University East Bay has increasingly built a culture of quality assurance for effective online teaching and learning. This session will look at the data analysis in relation to its QM implementation and the positive student outcomes that are correlated with the use of QM.
Learning Objectives:
Translate the knowledge of data analysis in QA for students.
Identify data variables and the types of data analysis conducted.
Interpret training completions, certifications, and student impact data.
Intended Audience: Role
Instructional Designers
Intended Audience: Knowledge Level
New to QM
Experienced with QM
Erick Kong, Assistant Professor, California State University East Bay
Dr. Erick Kong is an assistant professor at California State University, East Bay in Hayward, California. He has been involved in online teaching and learning for the past 11 years and has served as the Subject Matter Expert on several peer review teams in Quality Matters (QM).

Roger Wen, Sr. Director of the Online Campus, California State University East Bay
Dr. Roger Wen is the Sr. Director of the Online Campus & MS in Education - Online Teaching & Learning at Cal State East Bay. He has had a long career in Online Education as both administrator and tenured faculty. His educational training has been in Business Administration, Human Resource Development, Instructional Technology, Information Science, and Technology Teaching.