Professional Development
Impact of QM Professional Development and Course Certification on Teaching Performance and Student Success
This session reports the professional development opportunities for Quality Assurance (QA) across a 23-campus system and the impact of Quality Matters (QM) training and course certification on online teaching outcomes at California State University. Quantitative and qualitative data gathered as part of the Student Quality Assurance Impact Research (SQuAIR) project at the system level are used to triangulate the relationship to student outcomes and satisfaction.
Learning Objectives:
Identify strategies to involve stakeholders & resources to train faculty.
Engage in discussion around developing faculty buy-in for QM efforts.
Describe models for collecting and analyzing the impact of QM research on student success.
Intended Audience: Role
Instructional Designers
Intended Audience: Knowledge Level
New to QM
Experienced with QM
Ashley Skylar, Manager, Quality Assurance Blended-Online Program, California State University, Office of the Chancellor
Dr. Skylar works as Manager of the Quality Assurance Blended-Online Program with the CSU Chancellor’s Office Center to support campuses in leadership efforts to develop online and hybrid courses. She serves as the CSU Institutional Representative for Quality Matters and holds various QM certifications. Previous to this role she served 8 years as an Associate Professor in Special Education and 2 years as a Faculty Associate in the Technology Center at CSU Northridge.

Jianjun Wang, Professor Department of Advanced Educational Studies, California State University, Bakersfield
Dr. Wang is a professor of statistics and research design at CSU Bakersfield. He joined the faculty in 1993 and started online teaching in 1999. His three courses obtained perfect scores from external QM review. In 2014, he received a university-wide Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award. In 2018, he was a recipient of the Faculty Leadership and Innovation Award from the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

Sinjini Mitra, Associate Professor Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences, California State University, Fullerton
Dr. Mitra is an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences at CSU Fullerton. She has been involved in campus QA efforts since 2016, including research on the impact of QA-related training on student outcomes. Dr. Mitra has teaching online since 2013 and has experience in designing both undergraduate and graduate level online courses. She received the CSUF Outstanding Collaborative Research award in 2018.

Mary Bennett, Instructional Designer, Fresno State University
Mary Bennett, M.A., is an Instructional Designer in “The Center for Faculty Excellence” at Fresno State. Mary works with faculty in the design and development of online and hybrid courses. In addition, she leads professional development opportunities, develops curriculum, and serves as a mentor to educators new to the world of online teaching. Mary is an advocate for student-centered learning environments, facilitated by instructors who engage students in active learning using technology to enhance and innovate traditional instruction.