Deep Dive #1: Scratching the Surface and Then Going Deep: Learning from Two Agencies What it Takes to Implement Predictive Analytics
Tuesday, October 29th, 2019
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM: Ted Talks: Deep Dive
In part 1 of the predictive analytics session, Scratching the Surface, we will discuss important considerations for jurisdictions as they implement predictive analytics. The opportunities and challenges that multiple agencies have encountered with predictive analytics will also be presented. In part 2 of the predictive analytics session, Diving Deep, we will go deeper with jurisdiction examples of use with predictive analytics including discussing how to: (1) use predictive analytics to answer questions of interest, (2) engage stakeholders, (3) engage staff, (4) address racial/ethnic bias and (5) address transparency—both of statistical models and actions to take based on findings.

Objectives of the session:
1. Discuss considerations when implementing predictive analytics in child welfare.
2. Present and discuss the opportunities and challenges when implementing predictive analytics.
3. Address questions/issues audience members have about predictive analytics.

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